Colors in Tokyo     Itabashi Art Museum Tokyo /Japan 2011,2,26-3,27



Colors in Tokyo


Material: Colors from the erth in Tokyo, Color ink, Animal Glue,Dacron
Size: H4m × 50cm in diameter


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The paint you see I made from the earthbelow the city of Tokyo.
These colors were used in the painting on the translucentcloth of the 3 cylinders, a cross section of the geology of Japan.
There are so many buildings, roads and sidewalks covering the city, below what we don't see are the different colors at increasing depths that tell the history of Japan.
Much of the earth was placed there by the volcanic action of the still active Mt Fuji. For years the volcano has
erupted and covered the land with its layers of ash, building up the land.
Colors at the lowest point near the floor are from ancient history.
The colors at the top are of recent times.





Copyright (C) Asami Yoshiga. All Rights Reserved.