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I am from a small seaside town in western Japan, a place known for its fresh artesian water in which is grown the most incredibly delicious rice. This is the place I draw my inspiration from to create my art.

The name of my show is -Artesian Spring- わきみず (Waki Mizu).

Throughout the year I return to my hometown and sit at the base of Mt Daizen near where the artesian water flows from under the mountain and dream my paintings. For me, my new paintings represent that peaceful feeling I hope to recreate in the gallery.

Artesian Spring #5

When I first moved to Tokyo, I lived and worked in an apartment so small I had to move everything around each day to be able to have space to paint. Working and going to school by day, painting at night. For 10 years I studied traditional Japanese painting and received a Masters degree. After my formal schooling I studied traditional music and painted modern art.

I still live in Tokyo, but now in an old storefront building with living space on the second floor and my studio on the first floor. With this large workspace I explore my art in a new way. I can make pictures big enough you feel you can walk into them.

The new work I am creating is a mixture of modern and traditional art known as, Nihonga. Today’s Nihonga is based in traditional Japanese art, working with natural materials but exploring new ideas and subjects.

My art has been shown in many galleries and museums in Japan and now, in November, I will be having my first solo show in New York at Dillon Gallery in Chelsea.

Asami Yoshiga

Dillon Gallery
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