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Asami Yoshiga

I am interested in the relationship of humans and nature, a concern that has become my art's main focus. Through art we can observe the changing human values that illuminate our lives in these times.

I studied Japanese art history at Musashino Art University, majoring in traditional Japanese painting. Japanese painting was originally influenced by traditional Chinese art, but in the native Japanese environment it evolved its own style and expression. In my study of Japanese art history I learned about the life of Japanese people, how nature influenced their sense of beauty and how that defined their unique ideas and aesthetics, giving rise to contemporary Japanese culture. My consideration of Traditional Japanese culture has made me reconsider the purpose of my artistic expression in Modern Japanese culture.

People's evaluations, values and standards are continually influenced by changing conditions. Today's values are not completely different from yesterday's, but they adjust to fit current ideas, attitudes and notions of utility and modernity. In contemporary Japanese society as in other cultures, our values have changed in our search for a better life. We find ourselves losing our older and perhaps more peaceful values that were of importance in the past. We can observe how the modern world has altered this relationship and how this affects our lives. Modern developments have caused environmental destruction; altering our needs, desires and values. Thus this changing relationship of humans and nature has become the main inspiration of my art.

I strive to create art that will allow the viewer a moment to experience a relationship with a world that can illuminate their lives. I try to illuminate those traces of reverence towards nature in words, prayers, customs and legends in the motifs of my work. I try to connect a line from the values of the past to the present. Art can encourage us to pay more attention to, and have more reverence for, nature and the natural world.

My work does not concern itself with nostalgia for what was lost or with narrow nationalism. I would hope my art can be a gateway towards the idea that you are nature. It is essential that humans be reminded of their existence as part of the natural order. Through art, I believe this can be given; and through art I believe this is possible.





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