Water and Light Project in Tottori 2013

In commemoration of 100th anniversary of one of Japan's most famous photographers, Shoji Ueda, the Water and Light Project will create community-based art event at Shoji Ueda Photography of Museum located at the base of the majestic Mt Daisen. The event will be influenced by the location of the museum, the beautiful natural surroundings, and the very unique photographic eye of one of Shoji Ueda. Combining local music and musicians and working with the acoustics of the museum's outdoor courtyard, we will create a soundscape with the wind and the voices of the people attending the event. With live music accompanying gigantic video projections we will bring the outside walls alive with large slow moving images in honor of Shoji Ueda and magnificent photographs of local natural scenery by Takashi Karaki!

Free and for all ages.

The Water and Light Project is a collaboration of artists and musicians from many backgrounds working with local environment, ambience, architecture and acoustics to create a shared experience.

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