Water and Light Project in Tottori 2013

The photographer Shoji Ueda, 100th anniversary of his birth
Video and Live music event "Happy Togheter" by Water and Light Project
4(Sat) May 2013 19:00-   Free and all ages  Shoji Ueda museum of Photography

The event was successful. Thank you very much!

Pictures of the event  photo by Takashi Karaki    < Click image to view big images>


Live Music

Miyajima Saikou (Violon)  
Willian Prunkl (Cello)
Pretty (Percussion)
Akira sunrize (Hang drum,water drum) 
Waraibako (Local Taiko Group )
Sut.Jr choir(Kids choir in Houki town)


Sean Capone
Hideki Kawahara
Daniel  Water and Light Project


Takashi Karaki


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